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SpecLive empowers BPMs with actionable insight. Access project and firm data live, as specifications are being created. No other company can give you that kind of lead-time.

Analyze how, when and where you’re specified—at the exact moment it happens.

SpecLive’s comprehensive reporting helps you identify high-potential opportunities, determine where to focus your efforts, and empower sales and marketing with leads.

“SpecLink and SpecLive are the game changing tools the building industry has been waiting for! RIB has provided a perfectly balanced solution between manufacturers and specifiers.”

Andrew Lechuga
Executive of Business Analytics
Airex Manufacturing, Inc.

SpecLive gives you:

  • Robust reporting, 24/7

    Up-to-date information is delivered on a user-friendly dashboard 24/7, so you can respond quickly and improve your chances of influencing product selection.

  • Tracking and access

    Track projects from inception to bid. Access all project and firm data for more than 50,000 commercial building projects the moment they’re created.

  • Actionable insight

    See how many times your products have been specified, and by whom. Determine which specifiers you should follow up with.

  • Powerful analysis

    Learn which products are in high demand, which regions you’re performing well in, and where you should focus your efforts.

  • Intel on your competition

    Track which firms are specifying your competitors and review competitive analysis in relation to your own performance.

  • Real-time ROI

    SpecLive is the only reporting tool in the industry that makes it easy to validate your investment by giving you complete transparency.