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SpecLink Support

Because we understand that the true value of software is in the implementation and support rather than in the purchase price, subscribers to RIB’s products enjoy free, unlimited technical support—the best in the A/E/C industry.

Telephone Support

RIB maintains a telephone hotline staffed by personnel familiar with our products. Hotline hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time. Call 404-365-8900888-273-7638.

E-mail Support

We also have a support messaging system that allows us to respond to your after-hours support needs. Click here to send us a detailed message about your problem. You will generally receive a response within 1 business day.

Remote Support

RIB also provides remote assistance for complex issues not easily handled by telephone or email support.
Remote Support Please click the “Remote Support” button when prompted to do so by a member of our support staff.

SpecLink Cloud Online Training

New to SpecLink Cloud or have team members who are? Our SpecLink experts host free online webinars to help users become an expert in no time. Click here to view our session offerings.


I have said this before: RIB has some of the best technical support I have ever used.

I am very impressed with your company’s tech support.

I have learned a lot from Tech Support. They are very helpful and “dumb it down” for me. Shortcuts, fixes plus concise explanations about what SpecLink can and cannot do as well as being very receptive to suggested improvements.