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Specification Documents

SpecLink gives you access to the industry’s best content, delivered through the most advanced software on the market.

Content categories:


Procurement and contracting documents

SpecLink’s Division 00 includes content to create bidding documents for design-bid-build and design-build projects. This includes invitations and advertisements for bids, and bid/proposal forms.

You’ll also find provisions that incorporate numerous agreements, general conditions and other contractual documents published by industry organizations like AIA, EJCDC, ConsensusDocs and DBIA.


Design criteria documents

Design Criteria sections are used to define the expected performance of a whole building and its parts early in a project, before the facility has been designed. The 32 sections are organized by building element, similar to Uniformat.

This content is used by design professionals to document design criteria, by owners to prepare requests for proposal for design-build projects, and by design-builders to prepare proposals.


Construction specifications

More than 783 master guide sections in Divisions 00 through 46 are used to produce detailed three-part specifications used as construction documents for design-bid-build and design-build projects.

SpecLink’s master database includes the most commonly used and specified products and construction activities. You can also produce more than 30 automatic administrative reports, including submittal requirements.

SpecLink includes citations to more than 3,000 reference standards.

We are the only specifications product on the market that continuously verifies every reference standard included in the master database.

SpecLink includes hyperlinks for more information, about every reference standard, including access to all documents available through the IHS.Inc standards store.

SpecLink can help you correctly specify the requirements for sustainable design no matter which system you’re using.

A complete list of provisions that address sustainable design issues helps you identify solutions that can easily be incorporated via SpecLink content, and highlights important provisions related to getting your project certified.

SpecLink makes it simple to check and incorporate LEED requirements.

Integral, non-printing checklists for specific LEED rating systems (including LEED v4) automatically activate the appropriate specification provisions when you select from commonly used design solutions offered.

Integral linking schemes within sustainability sections (which include dedicated sections for LEED v4 and Green Globes) automatically highlight appropriate specification provisions for the selected certification system.

Sustainable design requirements can also be used for projects that don’t require LEED certification.

Located in each applicable specification section, SpecLink’s sustainable design requirements can address issues independently of any specific rating system.

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