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Spec Writing Services

Spec Writers can increase profitability with SpecLink.
Produce more accurate specs, faster.
Your reputation—and bottom line—depend on it.

Remember the days when you had to manually update, format and coordinate your specs in word processing files? Not anymore with online specification software. Learn how today!

SpecLink helps you:

  • Maximize your billable time

    Work up to 70% faster when you edit by inclusion and tap into more than 300,000 intelligent links. SpecLink’s intuitive editing tools make it easier to create comprehensive, well-coordinated specs.
  • Produce more accurate specs

    Minimize change orders, and stay current with automatic streaming updates. RIB’s internal team of expert specification writers monitor and update standards, references and product information daily.
  • Collaborate more efficiently

    SpecLink’s cloud capabilities make it simple to share information in a common data environment. BIM integration allows you to effectively communicate design intent, and streamlines collaboration throughout the specification process.