Building Owners

Are you tired of losing corporate knowledge along with your labor?
Is your BIM model stuck somewhere in cyberspace, completely inaccessible?
Want to know what’s behind that wall without tearing it down to find out?

Arm your facilities management team, internal designers and outside consultants with up-to-date building information from a consolidated source for smarter decision-making.

SpecLink helps owners:

  • Preserve corporate knowledge

    Record preferences and best practices, archive project knowledge and import images of desired aesthetic in SpecLink’s Project Notes.
  • Create and maintain design standards

    Create design standards using BSD’s Design Criteria developed for owners in Uniformat II.
  • Maintain multiple masters

    Create customized masters for repeated maintenance and renovation projects to more efficiently produce project specs.
  • Clearly articulate requirements to design pros

    Easily communicate design standards with embedded notes and Uniformat II design criteria through Cloud Viewer.
  • Access your building model in-house

    View your BIM model any time without a Revit license to efficiently plan for renovations and reconfigurations, and easily identify missing specs from model.
  • Keep up with current codes and regulations

    BSD’s on-staff experts constantly update content and standards via continuous automatic updates that are controlled by you.
  • Streamline operations and facility management

    Share current and historical building information and data from a single, consolidated source.