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Architects: Get Building Codes & Standards

SpecLink helps architects create better
and faster specifications.

SpecLink was created by design professionals for design professionals. Our goal? To help you overcome the challenges you face every day. Because we’ve been there.

As architects, we knew there had to be a better way to work than managing endless word processing files. And an easier way to coordinate and collaborate.

Which is why we created SpecLink.

Five ways SpecLink improves your workflow:

  1. Edit faster

    Work up to 70% faster when you edit by inclusion. Text you don’t include is never deleted, and can easily be reinstated.

  2. Reduce errors and omissions

    As you make choices, SpecLink’s 300,000+ intelligent links instantly coordinate to include related provisions and avoid contradictions.

  3. Produce more coordinated specs

    Automated coordination tools like global auto-formatting, intelligent links, automatic table of contents and instant reports streamline your workflow and help you avoid mistakes.

  4. Improve accuracy

    Reference standards, industry references, and manufacturing information are monitored and updated automatically every day to keep you current.

  5. Make more informed decisions

    More than 40,000 context-sensitive master notes guide you through your options, while convenient project notes archive corporate memory.

See how SpecLink can make your job easier with a web demo.