BSD is now RIB North America

BSD is now part of RIB North America! BSD has adopted the RIB brand, aligning more visibly with its parent company, RIB Software SE, a global software company focused on digital transformation at every phase of the building process.

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BSD is now part of RIB North America!
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Enhance the specification process at every stage

In the Pre-Design phase, SpecLink makes it simple to:

Build upon
better information
  • Collaborate more efficiently via a common data environment
  • Minimize change orders and RFIs with improved coordination
  • Update ref. standards automatically with one click
Generate early,
accurate, cost estimates
  • Create an assemblies-level estimate in 10 mins
  • Customize based on location, scope and components
  • Align project scope and budget seamlessly
Easily assemble
design criteria
  • Clearly articulate design requirements with concise language
  • Instantly coordinate related requirements with intelligent linking
  • Record key decisions early for more efficient spec production

In the Design phase, SpecLink makes it simple to:

Speed up
spec production
  • Edit faster with templates,checklists and intelligent linking
  • Stream continuous updates without disrupting workflow
  • Build your own intelligent linking to maximize efficiency
Synchronize specs
with BIM models
  • Link BIM models with specs, and view without special software
  • Evaluate changes instantly with data from RSMeans
  • Easily identify conflicts between Revit models and SpecLink
Create outline
and short-form specs
  • Expand or collapse 783 sections from a single database
  • Easily transition from design to development to full specs
  • Deliver the level of detail you need from a consolidated source

In the Construction phase, SpecLink makes it simple to:

more effectively
  • Easily align design intent, cost data and specifications
  • Improve coordination to prevent communication breakdowns
  • View federated BIM models on any device without special software
Streamline clarifications and changes
  • Automatically sync changes in costs, specs and Revit models
  • Address RFIs faster with database-driven responses
  • Quickly prepare and issue fully coordinated addenda
Manage projects
more efficiently
  • Produce bid packages faster
  • Streamline submittal reviews
  • Simplify closeout with a consolidated record

In the Facility Management phase, SpecLink makes it simple to:

Streamline operations
and maintenance
  • Utilize design, construction or consultants’ models—without a Revit license
  • Walk through VIM models for better planning and analysis
  • Simplify reconfigurations with coordinated BIM integration
Build custom
facility masters
  • Reduce errors and omissions with intelligent links
  • Import images, tables and unique notes to direct best practices
  • Create tailored sub-masters for repeat project types
Maintain current,
accurate masters
  • Keep up with codes and regulations via continuous updates
  • Make updates without impacting customized text
  • Manage updates automatically, or on your timeline